Where is Clayton?
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The first installment of "Rob TV." More to come.

Music by Slick Shoes
I'm learning some new editing software so it may take me a bit to crank my St. Louis video out.... but it will be worth the wait.
Those of you following me on Facebook may have noted my "EVENTS" tab and some trips I have lined up. Here's the video update.
When you work at a restaurant, you often eat the food there. Luckily my place of employment has great food. A "How to..." on cooking my dinner is coming.

Thanks to Jill Tovar for filming.

When the going gets tuff, the tuff get slapped! He's a good guy but sometimes you just need to snap out of it with a slap. Try it. Time permitting, share a "One time I slapped someone" story with me.  
I've paid thousands in years past. Not this year friends. Not this time. Drinks are on me.
Just a little up and coming. Anything besides that first post. Comments anyone?
Spent the night aligning stars for this blog; paving the way with my first post. Just a short intro. Let me know what you think.