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Where is Clayton?
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Filming the sunrise and posting it just seemed boring to me. I decided to go with a time laps approach. I hope you enjoy. 
I've got a bigger jump planned but thought I'd ease into it with this guy. This isn't a walk in the park folks. Enjoy!

Thanks to Mystery Ellsworth for filming and direction.
Landing in Lihu'e and updating you guys. "What I Love about Kaua'i"

Thanks to Mystery Ellsworth for filming the update segment.
Took off from LAX Sunday afternoon and had a friend pick me up from the airport that evening. A 30 minute drive up to the north shore through the foliage of Hawaii.

Thanks to Mystery Ellsworth for partially filming.
From Pheonix to the Grand Canyon on south of the border, the Mayahi's searched. They should have looked somewhere with more water.  Thanks to Aziz and Amanda for doing all the filming and sending the videos to me.
Rob enjoys his music. Here we'll see his majestic, graceful dance into harmony with his truck tunes.

Music by OneRepublic
We were just riding around having a good time when he struck. Don't let it happen to you!

Music by Thrice
Rob is a character all his own. His genuine attitude brings something to his comedy that is rare. More "Rob TV" videos to come.

Music by Slick Shoes
The first installment of "Rob TV." More to come.

Music by Slick Shoes
I'm learning some new editing software so it may take me a bit to crank my St. Louis video out.... but it will be worth the wait.