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St. Louis, MO
1. A walk around (under, up in) the arch on a beautiful day, spectacular and recommended.
2. Swing by Teavana in the St. Louis Galleria for a cup of tea and a couple ounces to go. Jasmine Dragon Pearls with a lemon and touch of honey is where it's at.
1. Cielo on the 8th floor for the Four Seasons hotel. Spectacular view, food, and ambience. Highly recommended.
2. Stoney River Steakhouse. 7 oz. Coffee-cured filet was a 6.5. Asparagus was unevenly cooked. Tempura lobster tail app. was really good. The triple-layer chocolate ganache cake was ok but I could tell it wasn't made "in house." I would go back.

St. Louis was a blast. My great friend Rob, his girl and I had a good time walking around the arch for an afternoon. After, we bounced over to the Four Seasons hotel to check out the restaurant on the 8th floor, Cielo. The view was one of, if not the best in St. Louis and the meal was one of the best I have ever had. I've eaten at lots of great restaurants and I don't throw such high regards around liberaly. Cielo earned it.

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