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    Mr. Carter told some of Muskogee's best anecdotes and did taxes like he was making a spectacular three egg, spinach and goat cheese omelette. It was sad to hear of his departure just a week or so ago. I was forced to set out on a new tax strategist search. My search ended with Parakletos in Broken Arrow, as you may have seen in today's blog video. My '09 taxes, which were electronically filed, took maybe 6 minutes to do. In at 10:01 a.m. and out by 10:07. Bill... $ 157.00!

    Of course, Mr. Carter didn't have an extravagant building or foliage in the foyer but he got the job done for 75 bucks. My new tax coadjutor's Jersey accent had minimal entertainment value as she nonchalantly inputted some basic numbers into her tax matrix. I asked few questions, hardly making the 44 cents a second I paid appropriate. I was disappointed that she didn't question about pertinent deductions I may have ignorantly left off. She didn't have any future tax direction for me or pearls of wisdom. I was herded in and out like a lone calf for the slaughter.

First off, I think you should steer clear of such a high price tag. After considering the simplicity of the work involved, I could have just filed my taxes myself. Others in the Tulsa metropolitan area are much more affordable. With minimal deductions and no fancy footwork needed, one would assume to pay a nominal fee.

Second, if I'm paying a higher price then I expect a higher level of service. A high priced accountant better know taxes in and out. I don't feel as if I was provided with the level of service I was paying for. I want unsolicited advice on how to maximize my refund.

Did you pay someone to do your taxes this year? What was the price tag?

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