Where is Clayton?
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   Most days I try to keep somewhat silent in regards to the casting details. Explaining the situation to even a minimal amount of people tends to be the catalyst for over excitement. Plus, many of those details are speculations that are pending confirmation. Once the end result is revealed as truth, I'll feel much more comfortable divulging said information publically. My goal is to keep a humble, level head and process each new piece of information as it comes. Of coarse, I want to share a bit of what's going on as well...

   Ellsworth was apparently aware of the casting company's meeting with the assistant director at Disney today. My ignorance kept my mind calm otherwise I may have been waiting with bated breath on a call from Scott. When the phone rang and the long conversation ensued, I nervously fidgeted with my phone imagining the details. Ellsworth emerged from the other room with good and potentially bad, but not that bad news. The second cut of 50 had now been clipped down to around 30... and Ellsworth and I were among the still alive. The "core group" idea that we heard mentioned in the first cut was brought up again but now included more details. Most likely during wardrobe fittings, the director would choose four British Soldiers to travel to Oahu, Los Angeles, and then London for the duration of the filming. It was also said that the remaining soldiers may only have about five days worth of filming. Being hired for only a short part in the movie wasn't of too much consideration because I believe that whatever or whoever brought us this far would continue to carry us.
   Now we wait for a call about a possible fourth cut or wardrobe fittings. Ellsworth and I are preparing for London and you ask, "where is Clayton?" Come find me.

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