Where is Clayton?
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   By chance or divine intervention, my friend (we'll call him Mystery Ellsworth) was told about Pirates of the Caribbean 4 being filmed on Kaua'i. In addition, the casting  company would be holding an audition for extras. The statements were confirmed when Ellsworth Googled said information and looked upon the details. This open casting would be held an hour south of our residence and transpire in two days. These situations are usually heard about after the fact and then daydreamed about the should of, could of, would of's. Not this time.
   Flash forward to Sunday and we are sitting in an auditorium of which several thousand potentials were filed through and given a spiel about the do's and don'ts of the business. Details that seemed harmless yet unnecessary. Perhaps these said details about filming and expectations were just a ploy to heard us in and provide distraction, as if the potential to be in a big, Hollywood film wasn't lure enough. It seems as though just a glance at our face and build would have sufficed. Mystery Ellsworth and I filled out our cards, attached our pictures, and headed to the casting director's table. We passed  through anticlimactically and I paid close attention to which pile my card went into. I watched as it was thoughtlessly tossed into the big pile. Bad news.
   I met Ellsworth just away from the table and he expressed his desire to ask a question to the presenter before we left. The chap was standing at the front, waiting for the next group to come in when Ellsworth cautiously approached. He was surprisingly inviting and willing to share details. I don't remember what question Ellsworth asked but we got more than expected. The gentleman shared some inside information with us and talked of needing someone to show him and his around the island. Of coarse Ellsworth and I were more than willing so we nodded in agreement. Before we knew it the fellow asked for our contact information and was introducing us to the head of the casting company.
   Would our chance meeting and appearance of acceptance prove unyielding? We wouldn't find out until a long 24 hours later. I was on a drive down to Hanalei and just pulled over to pick up a couple of hippy, hitchhikers when my phone rang. I immediately noticed the west coast area code and hesitantly answered. Mitch, the fellow from the casting company, was calling for Ellsworth. He expressed his urgency and spoke about the details he planned to share with Ellsworth. "We'd like him to come to Oahu for a video audition" he said. I acknowledge the importance of said instruction and excitedly sent Ellsworth a text.
   Phone tag was the game of choice until a bit after eight on Monday night. Ellsworth was frustrated with his anxiousness so he called Mitch for the fourth time. After a great conversation of assurance and confirmation that I should join Ellsworth for the video audition, we booked our flights into Honolulu for Thursday. Now only a hot shower, a bowl of Cheerios, and the sound of the ocean would calm the excitement enough for sleep.
   What will the weekend bring and where is Clayton? Definitely, come find me.
4/27/2010 03:04:49

NICE....I think I have met Mystery Ellsworth. Keep us informed.

Tracy Thrun
5/2/2010 00:53:46

OMG! I can't wait to hear what happened next~


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