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During my web page prep, I dusted off my stored box of Bruce Hornsby CD's, popped my favorite performance in, and quickly remembered the feelings evoked by his emotion driven playing. This is a guy you should really check out because he has truly mastered a style of piano playing all his own. In my opinion, he performs his best live which was originally what hooked me onto him. Bruce is undoubtedly aware of his stellar live shows as he makes them available for purchase. If you love music, especially involving piano, you need to own a phenomenal performance of just Bruce and the piano. Order the Bend, OR show from 05 Feb 2007 at Munch Music. I'm not kidding...  order it RIGHT NOW! If you don't like it then I'll send you a reimbursement check. Drop me a line and tell me what you think.

Update : If you are still scared, drop me your address and I'll mail you a copy. It's that good people!

Thanks to Jennifer Benink for the editing and direction.

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