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   If you read my articles then, undoubtedly, you have noticed that I like to explain an event in its entirety which, some would note, makes my articles (slightly) lengthy. Filtering what I want to put into a story is difficult because I like including all the nuances that go along with an experience. While writing a recent article (The Black Keys at Cain’s, which has not been posted), I had to force myself to leave out things I noticed about people, such as clothing changes or facial hair. Personally, I find those details interesting and they stick out in my mind as an integral part of painting a complete picture. Yet, I understand that an anecdote full of lengthy descriptions might be meaningless to blog followers, and can make for tedious reading. So here lies my search for balance, and my reason for the long delay in whereisclayton.com posts.
   When I decide to sit down and write, it is a bit discouraging to think about the time it will take to convey to you all the components of the story that strike me as important. The whole Pirate’s of the Caribbean experience was brimming with these details, which makes the task of telling you all about it seem overwhelming. I hate to become discouraged so soon though, because I am just beginning to muster up the courage and focus to get it all down in print. I suppose if I remind myself that some of you actually enjoy my blog, then my distraction seems to be suppressed and my motivation abound. So for that, I send out my sincerest gratitude for those who keep up and most importantly, interact. This is as much for my friends and family as it is for my own therapeutic benefit.
   As the days wear on, I will begin to chronicle in shorter form all the experiences I have to share. Perhaps then the task won’t seem so towering. Thanks for keeping up, and stay tuned for what’s to come!
A huge thanks to Jessie Parker for her editing, direction, and graciousness.
10/13/2010 02:58:57 pm

Can't wait to hear the rest of your tales!

10/20/2010 01:03:08 pm

Nice Job...Health Inspector


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