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    At 2:23 post meridian Hawaii time, my phone rings with the immediately noticed (808) Hawaii area code preceding. On the other end, Amy from the casting company. A greeting and her name comes through clearly but the reception suddenly goes down the tube. I'm on the edge of my seat wondering what news she will bring. Scott has frequently placed calls to Mystery Ellsworth or myself just to chit chat but a call from Mrs. Amy surely means business. My present residence has concrete walls so I rush over to the window to search for call clarity. She repeats, "Hey, it's Amy from Pirates." My return "hello" is spoken as I'm holding my breath. "I'm calling to let you know ...
that you were chosen for a British soldier role for Pirates of the Caribbean 4." Of coarse my excitement goes through the roof but I tame my emotions and return a few words of gratitude. She continues with some details about wardrobe fittings which would be held tomorrow and some other tentative filming dates. I jot down pertinent information as she reads through her list. As of now, filming which involves British soldiers would last four or five days and begin sometime in the middle of June. In addition, a "weapons training" day would be in less than two weeks. Amy adds another possible date in August but I know how frequently scheduling changes so I didn't give it much thought. Soon enough the call is over and I'm left gathering my thoughts at the kitchen table. What a ride this has been and I'm very excited that it continues. Wardrobe fittings would undoubtedly be an experience all in itself. Who knows what doors this will open or if I will choose to walk through any of those passages. Opportunity knocks and I'm staring at it in the face wondering what to say. Where is Clayton, you ask? I'm prepping for wardrobe and Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Come find me.
Tracy Thrun
5/27/2010 09:55:11 am

OH MY GOSH@! THAT IS AWESOME! And I thank you for the SHORT blog post this time! LOL! Congrats! I will see you on screen opening night!

Nikki J
5/27/2010 12:24:05 pm

You are just too cool for school, huh! :) I'm SOOOOO excited for you! What a journey... and you just started it if your really think about it. I feel like I got a backstage pass with your blog, C Dog, so keep 'em coming. I too will be reserving my seat to enjoy my old bartending buddy on the SILVER SCREEN!!! Ahhhhhhhhh... oh.my.gosh!!!! ENJOY EVERYTHING CLAYTON! :)

5/27/2010 12:38:55 pm

Congratulations!!!! That's so awesome & exciting!!! (Great narrative by the way, love your blogging style)

5/27/2010 02:46:25 pm

5/27/2010 02:48:08 pm

Too awesome...watched your video....envy your Hawaiian retreat from mainland cares.

Jeff K
5/28/2010 12:07:42 am

Clayton, I am thrilled for you. What a wonderful experience!! Remember, Cedar Point Awaits you along with a Walleye Fishing trip to die for!! Hope to see you prior to the end of summer. Jeff

5/28/2010 02:47:36 am

wow! wonderful! Seeing you in a Brit uniform should be entertaining LOL! Now I really can't wait for it to come out! Break a leg!

6/7/2010 06:06:55 am

I am so proud for you! Way to go! So does this mean your not coming to see me?(tear)

7/6/2010 12:23:10 pm

Awesome.. congrats man! we keeping up with your site... Am so jealious!


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