Where is Clayton?
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    Everything involved with these proceedings has been so amazing to me regardless of the outcome. Scott has been invaluable in bringing together such a unique experience. Throughout this whole saga, he has kept Ellsworth and I up to speed on all the details he has access to. Details that are not only entertaining but key in helping Ellsworth and I make subsequent moves and preparations. Which leads me to today's call.
    Scott doesn't waste much time before revealing his inside intel. "Rob Marshall (the director) picked your picture specifically and said he liked your look" Scott said. A positive note towards me from the director would certainly greatly increase my chances of a "core group" invitation and secure my spot in the filming here, in Los Angeles and London. I then learned a script reading would be held for a handful of British soldiers and I would most assuredly be a candidate. Apparently the decision was made to add a line for a soldier to read and Rob may want to audition the extras himself. What an experience for myself and Ellsworth to have the opportunity to read for an Academy Award nominated, Emmy winning director. Scott then included the likely dates of filming and wardrobe fittings. Shooting would tentatively commence on July 16th, although specific dates for certain parts hadn't yet been relayed. All this being said, I would like to remind you that much of Scott's informatin is based upon his educated predictions. Many details relayed or spoken about seem to be vague or can change at a moments notice. A person regarded in high standards one day can drop to the bottom the next. As the days wear on, I'm becoming more and more aware of these facts.
    Sometime at the beginning of next week the casting company, director, and film executives would be on Kaua'i to arrange aspects of filming; one of which being the soldier's wardrobes. Scott speculated that Rob could choose to meet and audition potential soldiers then. I'm on pens and needles waiting for the phone to ring again with greater details. As of now, solid confirmation has not been given about Ellsworth and I's filming fate. So wait we will. The wardrobe rendezvous will most likely provide the answers for many of my questions. Next week the ride continues and where is Clayton? Come find me.
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