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    My phone rings with Scott at the other end. He relays details about the costumes and the size restrictions that come with them. The measurements previously listed were the available sizes for the British soldier's wardrobe. For this reason, my height was of concern. As of now, Scott said that my place in the film would be down graded to a standby extra. There are apparently limitations to wardrobe customization because the rented outfits were coming from one film and to be sent to another as soon as we finish. I should add that the height I filled in on my information card, which was the casting company's reference, was in the 6'4" realm, which was my liberal guess. I'm generally 6'2" or 3" if I stretch out. When Scott asked to confirm my height in the days before, he didn't include the reasoning or height limitations. Therefore, I had no reason to believe it was an issue. Little did I know that my guesstimate was eliminating me from a potential spot in the film.
    Scott continued on with some minor details and I was at a loss for words. A reply or rebuttal wasn't formulating clearly in my head so I decided to keep quiet in order to later process the conversation. Most importantly, Scott said that I should still come to the audition and see what happens. I was excited for the invite because I knew my presence would greatly increase my audition chances. Also, there was talk that the director, Rob Marshal, may be present. Hopefully he would remember my face from the previously mentioned meeting when he pointed me out. The other possibility was not enough people showing up or qualifying for the parts available. If the call back, potentials weren't up to par then I might be asked to step back in. Regardless, I'll be waiting in the whims to hop into the audition should the opportunity present itself. Slight discouragement started to rear it's ugly head but I'm squashing it. I sleep peaceful and trustful.
Nikki J.
5/21/2010 05:54:45

Congrats C-dog!!!! What an awesome time you must be having!!! Addi and I watched your newest video together this morning on the couch. It's so unbelievably beautiful; I foresee a future family vacation there. Thanks for sharing friend... keep 'em coming! :)


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