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    The saga continued yesterday with a short call from Scott. The rollercoaster ride of ups and downs has become common place and I'm becoming more aware of how fragile one's confirmation can be. The most influential news to me was Jamie, the casting company CEO, found my height to be a negative. It was relayed that the desired height was 5' 10" to 6' 1" which I am a bit over. Scott's message about my height was worded so nervously and randomly that I couldn't draw a conclusion on whether this was a final decision or a discussion of concern.
    Today, one of the other assistants replaced Scott's usual call to Ellsworth. Amy, the seemingly second in command, had many additional details for Ellsworth about the audition. First, Ellsworth was given his audition time for Saturday morning. Next, she informed that the audition would mirror the one in Honolulu in layout and questioning. She also included the final cut would be down to 14. As of her last update, the "core group" invite had been decreased to only two, instead of the previously stated four. Me or my audition wasn't addressed in the call so of coarse my mind assumes the worst. Most importantly, I know how easily things can flip back in my favor so I wait hopeful for my phone to ring. If the director approved so highly of my photo then I would certainly be given the opportunity with the upcoming 3rd audition, one would think. I wait eagerly for my invite to Saturday's audition.

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