Where is Clayton?
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    After being told that my place in the movie was solidified, the apprehension of a potential eradication was dispelled. Until now, butterflies would accompany any call from Scott. Now, that nervousness turns to excitement and I'm eager for each new movie experience. This day brings wardrobe, an area on my life's map that is uncharted.

    At 2:23 post meridian Hawaii time, my phone rings with the immediately noticed (808) Hawaii area code preceding. On the other end, Amy from the casting company. A greeting and her name comes through clearly but the reception suddenly goes down the tube. I'm on the edge of my seat wondering what news she will bring. Scott has frequently placed calls to Mystery Ellsworth or myself just to chit chat but a call from Mrs. Amy surely means business. My present residence has concrete walls so I rush over to the window to search for call clarity. She repeats, "Hey, it's Amy from Pirates." My return "hello" is spoken as I'm holding my breath. "I'm calling to let you know ...

    The big third audition day had arrived. It's was about three weeks since the first "open casting call" and I've been from Kauai to Oahu and back trying to secure my spot on Pirates of the Caribbean 4. My film involvement hangs in the balance on this Saturday, May 15 in 2010. Mystery Ellsworth's time slot was at 10:30 and I'm the designated tag along with high hopes. Although not ideal, my in-tow status beats sitting at home with no possible audition so I'm off to pursue the unknown. In order to have success, you have to put yourself in a position to receive it.

    My phone rings with Scott at the other end. He relays details about the costumes and the size restrictions that come with them. The measurements previously listed were the available sizes for the British soldier's wardrobe. For this reason, my height was of concern. As of now, Scott said that my place in the film would be down graded to a standby extra. There are apparently limitations to wardrobe customization because the rented outfits were coming from one film and to be sent to another as soon as we finish. I should add that the height I filled in on my information card, which was the casting company's reference, was in the 6'4" realm, which was my liberal guess. I'm generally 6'2" or 3" if I stretch out. When Scott asked to confirm my height in the days before, he didn't include the reasoning or height limitations. Therefore, I had no reason to believe it was an issue. Little did I know that my guesstimate was eliminating me from a potential spot in the film.

    The saga continued yesterday with a short call from Scott. The rollercoaster ride of ups and downs has become common place and I'm becoming more aware of how fragile one's confirmation can be. The most influential news to me was Jamie, the casting company CEO, found my height to be a negative. It was relayed that the desired height was 5' 10" to 6' 1" which I am a bit over. Scott's message about my height was worded so nervously and randomly that I couldn't draw a conclusion on whether this was a final decision or a discussion of concern.

    Everything involved with these proceedings has been so amazing to me regardless of the outcome. Scott has been invaluable in bringing together such a unique experience. Throughout this whole saga, he has kept Ellsworth and I up to speed on all the details he has access to. Details that are not only entertaining but key in helping Ellsworth and I make subsequent moves and preparations. Which leads me to today's call.

   Most days I try to keep somewhat silent in regards to the casting details. Explaining the situation to even a minimal amount of people tends to be the catalyst for over excitement. Plus, many of those details are speculations that are pending confirmation. Once the end result is revealed as truth, I'll feel much more comfortable divulging said information publically. My goal is to keep a humble, level head and process each new piece of information as it comes. Of coarse, I want to share a bit of what's going on as well...

    Just in case the detail clarity was clouded in the first article, here's an elaboration on my place as I prepared for a Honolulu departure. Scott, our casting company contact, immediately took to Mystery Ellsworth upon meeting us both. From the beginning, I was riding Ellsworth's coat tails concerning my place in the movie. I was to show up in Honolulu in hopes that my chances of getting into the video audition were increased. As of my departure date, I merely had a few words concerning my inclusion in the audition, which was promise enough to me to book a flight. One must understand the risk involved and be willing to pursue it if compounding reward is the goal.