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My recent days are littered with music and I'm enjoying every minute. Perhaps a "Clayton's Random Mental" playlist should be born in iTunes. "Where can you buy a copy" you ask? I'll do what I can to send you one. Until then...

   By chance or divine intervention, my friend (we'll call him Mystery Ellsworth) was told about Pirates of the Caribbean 4 being filmed on Kaua'i. In addition, the casting  company would be holding an audition for extras. The statements were confirmed when Ellsworth Googled said information and looked upon the details. This open casting would be held an hour south of our residence and transpire in two days. These situations are usually heard about after the fact and then daydreamed about the should of, could of, would of's. Not this time.

Many of my present days are accompanied by songs that randomly pop in my head. They are sometimes incited by a word, act, or sound but also arise when unprovoked. These mental, musical uploads are without contol or restraint, so my choices are to medicate or accept my fate. Luckily it's just music and not some voice urging me to dress like a clown and kick people in the shin door to door. Although some songs are less than ideal, I embrace these tunes and today decided to write them down for your enjoyment.

1. "Here Comes the Sun" The Beatles
2. "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" Bob Dylan
3. "Saturday in the Park" Chicago
4. "Intergalactic" Beastie Boys
5. "You Found Me" The Fray
6. "Torn" Natalie Imbruglia
7. "The Dreaded Spoon" Ricky Skaggs & Bruce Hornsby
8. "Get Together" The Youngbloods
9. "Talk of the Town" Bruce Hornsby
10. "Vicarious" Tool
11. "Hooray for Tom" Bruce Hornsby
12. "Stacked Actors" Foo Fighters
Update from Hawaii :

My apologies friends. My "netbook" is having trouble with video editing and uploading media in general. I've been working night and day to try and post my new videos to no avail. I've got a few other tricks up my sleeve so hopefully one will provide the necessary solution. If anyone has an extra Macbook laying around then drop me a line. Thanks for keeping up with what's going on.

Listen to some music here while you wait.
Dropped in Sake Japanese Restaurant today for lunch with Marc. Our (D-) server brought out our four rolls on this huge platter. For the price, good rolls. The Crazy Crab Roll (top & bottom, I rate it a 7) being one of my favorites. Also got the Tiger Roll (middle, 5.5), Red Dragon Roll (right side, 6.5), and Fire Cracker Roll (left side, 6.5). I would go back.
St. Louis, MO
1. A walk around (under, up in) the arch on a beautiful day, spectacular and recommended.
2. Swing by Teavana in the St. Louis Galleria for a cup of tea and a couple ounces to go. Jasmine Dragon Pearls with a lemon and touch of honey is where it's at.
1. Cielo on the 8th floor for the Four Seasons hotel. Spectacular view, food, and ambience. Highly recommended.
2. Stoney River Steakhouse. 7 oz. Coffee-cured filet was a 6.5. Asparagus was unevenly cooked. Tempura lobster tail app. was really good. The triple-layer chocolate ganache cake was ok but I could tell it wasn't made "in house." I would go back.


The miestro Mario showed me all I needed to make these dishes. Thanks Mario!

My seared ahi tuna and sauteed corn last night prompted a little "How to..." tutorial. If you've never cooked tuna then give it a go. That is, if you don't mind a rare to medium rare piece of fish. And I'm sure it goes without saying that you need the freshest fish possible. Pick up your tuna the day you plan on cooking and be semi aware of what to look for in a good piece of fish. Color is key and if you've got a good nose for seafood then it should smell "fresh."

If you're in Tulsa, OK, I recommend Bodean Restaurant & Market for your fish needs.